Could Silicon Valley Contemporary Be the Next Art Basel?

The answer is yes and no. Let’s begin with why Silicon Valley Contemporarycould be a success.

The obvious allure for creating this new fair, and for the 50-some participating galleries to buy in for its first year, is that the tech sphere headquartered in Silicon Valley is generating more wealth more quickly than anywhere else in the world. The nouveau riche of GoogleAppleFacebook,Adobe, and the other industry titans in the area—what Valleywag‘s Sam Biddle has termed “our coddled new overclass”—have lent the San Jose area a few attention-grabbing distinctions: more patents are filed here per capita than anywhere else in the United States (the government opened a patent office in the city so developers wouldn’t have to trek to D.C.), six of the 10 most expensive communities in the country to buy homes are here, and 75 percent of the region’s Fortune 500 companies are within 15 miles of the San Jose Convention Center, where the fair took place.


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