A Collector’s Tips for Art Basel Newbies—and Why Not to Despair if You’re Not Going

What advice would you give to younger collectors who are going for the first time or haven’t been to an art fair before? 

Well, first of all, enjoy it. Really enjoy the art fair experience. It’s unique and it’s different from the gallery exhibition or the museum experience. Also, really take advantage of everything that Basel has to offer, because one thing I’m always surprised by is how many people go to art fairs all around the world and don’t take advantage of the art community in the particular host city. Do studio visits, go to the local galleries. Try and go to as many local collections as you can and see how other people live with their art and see what kind of art they collect. The collections in Basel are unbelievable. They’re world-class selections in a beautiful setting, in someone’s home. Another thing about Basel that is fun is everyone is there.



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