‘Chelsea’s Not Going Anywhere’: Alex Logsdail Talks Lisson’s Upcoming New York Gallery

There may not be many Americans at Art Basel compared to the droves of Europeans, but this morning, the buzz here briefly centered around New York City when Lisson Galleryannounced plans to open a brand spanking new 8,500-square-foot space in Chelsea, constructed under and around the High Line. Nearly 50 years after Nicholas Logsdail opened Lisson’s outpost in London, they will now have a permanent place across the pond.

The gallery will be run by Mr. Logsdail’s son, Alex, the young dealer who’s helmed Lisson’s Lower East Side office since it opened in 2012. After hearing the news, we dropped by their booth to find the dapper Alex standing with colleagues near a table with champagne, appropriately enough. He was clearly excited about the project.

“We’ll have these really monster skylights—like, really—and it’s the whole block, all the way through,” Mr. Logsdail said.



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