2014 in Review: Top 10 Big (Architecture) Projects

Best art gallery: Museo Jumex by David Chipperfield Architects
Built to house the private contemporary art collection of Colección Jumex, owner of Mexico’s leading juice company, David Chipperfield’s three-storey-tall gem of a building is a paragon of travertine-clad understatement. The most distinguishing feature of the relatively small, 2,500-square-metre building is a row of sawtooth peaks that give it the look of a crown. The museum has a wedge-shaped floor plan and the gallery spaces are intentionally plain, letting the art take the lead. In building the newest addition to the upscale Polanco neighbourhood in the heart of Mexico City, an area that has become crowded by signature structures in recent years, Chipperfield had to contend with two neighbouring skyscrapers and the splashy Museo Soumaya across the street, by OMA alumnus Fernando Romero of FR-EE. The result is a timelessly elegant building within a sea of bling and glamour.

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