The Most Important Art Essays of the Year

This time last year, my editor asked me to put together a list of the most important essays of 2014, and I drew a blank.

I asked around. By far the most common answer I got from peers was, “Nothing comes to mind.” Even the professionals, who’ve got their eyes glued to this stuff like Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange, have trouble keep track amid the digital crush of “content.”

In the end, I culled a list of essays from last year that I thought were worth bookmarking. Still, the exercise made me think about the value of reflecting on what is worth saving. So this year I’ve tried to write a column each month remarking on some of the writings that I liked from around the web (I miss a lot of stuff that’s only available in print, I know, but I want to at least provide a resource that artnet News readers can use).


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