Everything You Need to Know about the Certificate of Authenticity

Apart from offering human kind the possibility to express its imaginative and technical skills, art has also evolved to become proper trading business. As such, it has a market of buyers and sellers, but it is the certificate of authenticity or COA that represents the most important aspect of the circulation of artworks today. Over the last century in particular, the certificates have allowed the works of art to be positioned as branded products, serving as their deeds, legal statements and fiscal invoices. However, as art itself shifted and developed, the certificate of authenticity has too, giving way to a bountiful of forgeries in order to increase the sales. Even though the art world is still waiting for a universal, centralized database that could perhaps be digital too, a genuine COA is nevertheless something that should accompany every professional artwork out there, without exceptions, providing all the necessary information for the buyer and holding the work’s value.


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