The Ultimate Outline of the 20th Century Art

There is no doubt that the 20th century art was all about changing perspective. The artist’s way of seeing and therefore understanding things has been changing and continues to do so even in this day and age. The new, experimental approach to perspective was pursued both directly and implicitly. Painters and sculptors had abandoned linear perspective and began discovering other ways of representing reality, but furthermore, the very vantage point from which to observe and comprehend art in general was changed as well. It was art’s way of breaking with tradition and embracing a different approach to its disciplinarity, on the one hand, and reality on the other. This radical shift was not only present in the art world, of course. Rather, it was similarly embodied through other aspects of our society – economics, industry and social unrest. To all of this, art was never blind, which is why it was always connected to life, even when it claimed (and gained) independence.


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