How Should We Be Photographing Artwork?

An inevitable part of being an artist is having to take pictures of what you create, whether in order to digitally submit it for exhibitions or for promotional purposes. Unfortunately, people tend to be too sloppy when photographing artwork, and they often end up with photos that do no justice to the piece itself. This can easily cost the artist a potentially important step in their career as the piece can be overlooked simply because its photo was not up to par with its creative quality.

On the other hand, a good photograph of your art can severely increase your chances of getting into an exhibition or making that important sale, so it’s of vital importance to take good shots that will offer a mind-blowing first impression as well as display your overall professionalism.

So, although it may seem more like a chore of some kind, photographing artwork is necessary for both entering exhibits and selling work. However, since the process of photographing works of art is far from being straightforward and simple, we’re here to help you avoid all the common pitfalls preventing you from getting the absolute most out of your creation’s images.


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