Can an Art Fair Be a Political Act? Roman Dealer Paola Capata on Making Granpalazzo the World’s Most “Italian” Fair

Located in the 16th-century Palazzo Rospigliosi in the rustic country village of Zagarolo, a short drive outside of Rome,  Granpalazzo is unlike any art fair you’ve seen before. Instead of traditional booths, there are curated presentations of individual artists, elegantly spaced throughout the historic building. The walls are covered with historic frescos, the conversation is amiable, and the pace is as relaxed as the gauzy light filtering through the palms outside. Call it an art fair, Italian style.

Capata, who opened her gallery in 2003, sees it as a corrective to an art market that has tilted its emphasis too heavily on the “market,” and away from the “art.” For her, it’s a banner in a cause worth fighting for.  To understand more about what, exactly, Granpalazzo is, Artspaceeditor-in-chief Andrew M. Goldstein spoke to the dealer about the ideas behind her unorthodox fair.


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