Jordan Wolfson’s Hypnotic Abuse At Zwirner

Here are a few negative things you could say about Jordan Wolfson’s show: It’s dumb. It’s a spectacle. It’s loud. But you know what? This dumb, loud spectacle is one of the more thoughtful, oddly contemplative experiences you can have in Chelsea right now. During my visit the kinetic piece (titled, with sarcastic nonchalance, Colored sculpture) attracted a small crowd of hushed spectators. We stood, somewhat awkwardly, as Wolfson’s doll-like assemblage (“Chuckie!’ yelled out one ’80s-nostalgic viewer) was hoisted, jerked, and dropped; a dopey marionette thanks to a series of automated metal chains.

We loved this installation!  Check out BAC’s Instagram of this piece to see it in action – and turn up the sound!


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