Philippe Parreno – Person of Interest

Close-shaven and bald, Parreno wears woven bracelets on his right wrist and has the words “do so” tattooed on his left, a reference to the hypnotherapist Milton Erickson’s theories of self-empowerment. He is shy and serious, with an ironic sense of humor so subtle it is easy to miss, and he follows many of his thoughts with an accommodating, or gently insistent, “no?” When forced to call himself anything, he prefers “exhibition producer” to “artist”; his works, which are often collaborative in nature, tend to challenge the idea of an authentic or definitive experience.

“I don’t really deal with topics or subjects,” Parreno agreed, deadpan. “My subject is just art, no? I’m extremely obstinate, so I don’t let things go. I obsess, on and on and on, in a never-ending cycle.” He scratched his head. “It’s an art of loopholes.”


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