Talk – Collecting Contemporary Art, Audain Art Museum, Whistler, Canada

Laing Brown is an art collector who is interested in ideas.

Brown, chair of the Audain Art Museum acquisitions committee and an external advisor to the acquisitions committee of the National Gallery of Canada, has just returned from Britain, where he went to check out Frieze London, where 160 of the world’s top commercial galleries show off works by artists they represent.  “Our real passion is collecting art,” he says.

He will be speaking about his 10 Rules for collecting contemporary art and why collecting contemporary art is worthwhile at the Audain on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 7 p.m.

“The 10th rule is just get started. Look at as much art as possible. I’m going to spend time on this because people say this but they don’t really show what this means,” he says.


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