Five notable works at Douglas Coupland’s VAG exhibit

Douglas Coupland opens his new exhibit at the VAG. Douglas Coupland opens his new exhibit at the VAG. The Vancouver Art Gallery presents Douglas Coupland: everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything from May 31 to Sept. 1.  

Douglas Coupland: The future is everything (with video)

Douglas Coupland’s new exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery crackles with creativity, invention and insight. Coupland’s work in “everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything” combines an incredible pop art sensibility that delights in combining colour, shape and form with a surprising and subtle mix of ideas. In the first major survey of his work […]

Inside Douglas Coupland: art, chaos, lots of Lego at Vancouver Art Gallery

Douglas Coupland has been collecting the stuff for years: toy guns, adding machines, little astronaut figures, tiny cribs and toilets, a giant molar, a punching bag. They came from Craigslist, dumpsters, garage sales, eBay. Now gathered in an enormous installation – white items on white shelves; colourful trinkets on black shelves; a precarious Tower of […]