North Shore art collectors open new gallery

Brigitte and Henning Freybe will show work that might not be shown otherwise. A new public art gallery opening Saturday in North Vancouver is dedicated to showing the work of private collectors. It’s called Griffin Art Projects and is an initiative of Brigitte and Henning Freybe, two of Metro Vancouver’s major art collectors. The opening […]

Odalisque like you’ve never seen her before – Shawn Hunt

When I first saw Odalisque at Artifake, I found it difficult to look at her. So rather than do that, I wandered off to look at the other works in the gallery as I thought about what so upset me about her. In part it was her gaze and her powerfully strong posture. But mostly it was […]

Five notable works at Douglas Coupland’s VAG exhibit

Douglas Coupland opens his new exhibit at the VAG. Douglas Coupland opens his new exhibit at the VAG. The Vancouver Art Gallery presents Douglas Coupland: everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything from May 31 to Sept. 1.  

Douglas Coupland: The future is everything (with video)

Douglas Coupland’s new exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery crackles with creativity, invention and insight. Coupland’s work in “everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything” combines an incredible pop art sensibility that delights in combining colour, shape and form with a surprising and subtle mix of ideas. In the first major survey of his work […]

Public Art, Beneath a Bridge

The underside of the Granville Street Bridge in Vancouver will be turned into a surface for artworks in lightboxes as part of the Vancouver House project. The forgotten urban area under the bridge is being reclaimed as part of the development. Westbank Projects is planning to bracket the main section of the bridge with low-rise buildings and […]