Europe’s Top 55 Galleries You Need To Know—Part 1

According to Artnet News, Part One of the top 55 European galleries is below:

Europe’s cities offer a wealth of contemporary art galleries, making the continent an important destination for art lovers across the world.

Those looking to admire both established and leading artists, as well as seek out new and emerging talent, flock to Europe’s top galleries in the obvious choices such as London, Berlin, and Paris—not to mention Basel—but also to lesser-known hot-spots like Istanbul, Budapest, and Athens.

While London may be the dominant center, offering a one-stop-shop option for traveling Middle Eastern, Russian, and Asian collectors, in addition to home-grown ones, the European art markets continue to thrive and excite. What’s more, Europe’s galleries are usually “must-go” destinations if you are following an emerging European talent.


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