The Seattle Art Fair Arrives, with Dealers on the Hunt for Tech Money

A giant beach ball, a pink ice cream truck, and a winding line of people waiting to see art are not sights that people usually associate with perennially gray Seattle. But on Thursday night, most of the 4,000 people who visited the opening night of the inaugural Seattle Art Fair got to experience all three.

Iranian artist Negar Farajiani’s Made-in-China, a beach ball about 12 feet in diameter, distracted many visitors from the wait outside of the CenturyLink Field Event Center and helped set the tone for much of the pleasant, fun art inside. Spencer Finch’s sherbet-hued ice cream truck, seen earlier this summer in an exhibition organized by Creative Time in New York’s Central Park, added to the breezy mood.

[Cheerfulness and a breezy mood, but did the dealers find that tech money, that “unicorn” Greg Kucera referred to in an earlier BAC post?]



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