Can a Giant New Museum Make San Francisco an Art Capital?

If you build it, they will come. Or that’s what the board at the San Francisco Museum of Art is betting on. This week, the 81-year-old institution opens its doors after a three-year renovation, gifting the West Coast with a world-class collection that would make MoMA blush. Sure, you can see Richard Serra in New York, but the man is from San Francisco.

The museum’s glimmering white 10-story expansion now soars above the city’s foggy skyline, a beacon sounding a calling to the art world: San Francisco is important too!

“It’s hard to beat the spaces given to Gerhard Richter, Ellsworth Kelly and Agnes Martin. Those three in particular are quite extraordinary,” said Mr. Benezra of SFMOMA. “If you’re interested in those three artists, you must come to San Francisco.”  Well, you can also see them in New York, we thought. But, what New Yorker doesn’t enjoy a weekend away in California?



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