Daily Pic: Dennis Oppenheim’s Evanescent Take on Land Art

Sure, I thought the Art Basel fair was mostly a waste of time for true art lovers … even as I found plenty of fodder there for the Daily Pic. In this last item sourced from the fair, I give you a still from vintage footage of Dennis Oppenheim’s “Whirlpool (Eye of the Storm)”. Blake […]

10 Exhibitions That Changed the Course of Contemporary Art

If the title of Jens Hoffmann‘s latest exhibition. “Other Primary Structures,” rings a bell, it’s because it’s a revisiting one of the most important American art exhibitions of the 20th century: “Primary Structures: Younger American and British Sculptors,” the 1966 exhibition organized at the same museum by the pathbreaking curator Kynaston McShine that changed the aesthetic course of American art. […]