We’ve Been Looking at Jean-Michel Basquiat All Wrong. He Was a Conceptual Artist, Not an Expressionist—and Here’s Why

An exhibition at the Brant Foundation’s New York space reveals how much he had in common with Jenny Holzer and Hans Haacke. Over the years, the biggest fans of Jean-Michel Basquiat have had a strange way of showing their affection: They’ve just about drowned him and his work in tired romantic clichés. He’s supposed to be a […]

Will Contemporary Art Sold Today Be of Any Value in 100 Years?

When sightings of Leonardo DiCaprio and Miley Cyrus (dressed as deranged vagabonds) at Art Basel in Miami cause a stir, one wonders what remains of the art world. Indeed it is tempting to think that the art world has been swallowed by the combined marketing and publicity machines of Hollywood and the fashion and music industries. Art is an […]

Daily Pic: Dennis Oppenheim’s Evanescent Take on Land Art

Sure, I thought the Art Basel fair was mostly a waste of time for true art lovers … even as I found plenty of fodder there for the Daily Pic. In this last item sourced from the fair, I give you a still from vintage footage of Dennis Oppenheim’s “Whirlpool (Eye of the Storm)”. Blake […]

Daily Pic: Tino Sehgal Has the Best Thing in Basel

At the giant Art Basel fair that opens tomorrow in Switzerland, the best thing to be seen has nothing to do with the thousands of deluxe art objects being offered on the sales floor. It sits in a building off to one side, where, as part of a performance-art project called “14 Rooms,” the brilliant artist Tino […]

Daily Pic: Art’s Favorite Subject

In art schools, there is an ancient rule – maybe first promulgated by Her Worship Marina Abramovic – decreeing that it’s not performance art until a girl takes her clothes off. This is a still from a brand-new six-minute video by Jennifer Bornstein, on view in the Whitney Biennial, that feels as though it’s revisiting that […]

Great art needs an audience

Art dealers who believe galleries are no longer necessary have forgotten an essential reason why works are valued. As the virtual replaces the physical and the world gets globalised, we’ve been hearing that art galleries, material and settled in a single place are bound to be on their way out. Collectors are now more likely […]