A leap into space: Malevich’s Suprematist Composition

How this 1916 canvas, included in every major survey of Malevich’s Suprematist works mounted during his lifetime, revolutionised modern art. On 15 May it is offered in the Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale  in New York. On 17 December 1915, a series of new paintings by the Russo-Polish artist Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935) was exhibited in the Dobychina Art […]

President Vladimir Putin signs legislation banning swear words in art, films

MOSCOW (AFP).- A hugely controversial Russian law banning curse words in films, theatre, the media and arts came into force on Tuesday, part of a Kremlin-backed drive to play up traditional values and root out swearing. The legislation, wich was signed off by President Vladimir Putin in May, imposes hefty fines on offenders — up […]

Vladimir Putin Bans Cursing in Art

Vladimir Putin is telling artists and filmmakers to wash their mouths out with soap—or pay the price. A law that went into effect on Tuesday mandates that creatives whose work includes obscene language pay finesup to 2,500 rubles ($72) for individuals and up to 50,000 rubles ($1,460) for businesses, according to the AFP. Jeez, there goes a lot […]

Manifesta 10 Succeeds Despite Controversy

Manifesta 10 opens at St. Petersburg’s State Hermitage Museum this Saturday. To some—likely the roaming art biennale’s curator, Kasper König, among them—that sole fact is accomplishment enough. Since König signed on to head up the exhibition, much has changed on the ground in Russia: a swath of anti-gay legislation and censorship, and the Kremlin’s growing expansionist tendencies with the annexation […]

Women of the Art World Unite! Finding Inspiring Heroines From Paris to Art Dubai

March 8 was International Women’s Day, and though few people remember this occasion in America, in Russia we celebrate it as a major national holiday. Every March since my Soviet childhood I was reminded to appreciate all the intelligent and hard-working women who have played a pivotal role in my life and generally made our world […]

Moscow’s Garage Center for Contemporary Culture will become Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

MOSCOW.- Moscow’s Garage Center for Contemporary Culture today announced that beginning on 1 May, it will become Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. The announcement was made following Garage’s 2nd International Conference—The Reflexive Museum: Responsive Spaces for Publics, Ideas, and Art—which brought together thought leaders from around the globe on 20-21 March for discussions about what […]

Petr Pavlensky: why I nailed my scrotum to Red Square

On a snowless but chilly afternoon early in the Moscow winter, a 29-year-old man with a gaunt, emaciated face stepped on to the vast expanse of Red Square. He made his way to a spot on the cobblestones not far from the marble mausoleum housing the waxy corpse of Vladimir Lenin, and began to undress. In […]